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The Importance Of Storage Space Solutions

Living in Singapore with kids is great, mostly. The convenience of public transport, amenities and abundant family-related activities or places to visit. However, for many young families, like mine, we lack space. 80% of Singaporeans live in HDBs (housing development board) and there is always clutter, especially when you have kids.

Kids toys, kids books, kids equipment along with suitcases, cleaning supplies for the home. There is just too much things we have (these are things that we need) and need but too little space to store them. I have personally been struggling with storage space in my home for the longest time. And earlier last month, my mother-in-law visited us from Canada and I had to turn the spare room (which was being used as a storage room) into a room for her.

First, I looked through my stuff to see if I can throw away enough things to make space. No chance. As my place does not have a storage room, it will be hard. I then started thinking of storage solutions and found a few online. I made online enquiries and got a few responses.

The first reply was from a storage place somewhere in Ubi, too far, and they also didn’t really answer my questions from the enquiry. Which, was……..quite annoying. What is the point of replying my enquiry form if you didn’t read it?

The second reply was from Mandarin Storage. Their ad caught my eye because the had $1 storage and FREE 1-time van service! That and they were extremely responsive. Their representative addressed all my concerns and gave me lots of options and solutions. We set an appointment and I went for a viewing. They have 5 locations so you can pick the one closest or most convenient for you.

When I visited the Toh Tuck location (the location I picked that’s closest to my office, thus convenient for me) , I was impressed by the tight AF security they have. Not only do they have a security guard, they also have passcode-needed access at the main entrance AND to work the lift. They have many parking spaces and even HUGE trolleys to help with moving your stuffs up to your storage unit!

The premises is very clean and you can choose temperature controlled units with air-conditioning if you need. Mine was a 60sft unit and the size is just right for me.

Just a little digression, I found out the Mandarin Storage has a free-to-use co-work space at their storage locations with free wi-fi and beverages! WHATTTTTT?!! And if you store with them, you can use it, complimentary!

I have gone back to the storage unit at different times of the day to get stuff from my unit and its always accessible, and always clean. That is very assuring for me because that means the place is constantly looked after.

I signed a 1 year lease for the storage unit to get a better price so definitely consider that if you need the storage for long term.

I will write another post to show you guess my packing and moving process!