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MLBB presents Reach Out by Charles

  1. The project objective is to care for single parents in Singapore without support as part of MLBB’s effort to Create Shared Values (CSV) and providing Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity for sponsors.
  2. Every 3 months, MLBB and her team will look to approve 5 applicants for this reach out project. The approved applicants will be sponsored essential baby/toddler products by participating companies who wish to support this cause.

If you are a single parent in need of assistance/support and fit the below qualifications:

– Single parent with at least 1 child below the age of 3

– Does not own any property in Singapore or Overseas

– Staying in a 3 room and below rented housing

– Monthly income of $1500 and below

– Does not have financial support from family members

Please email your particulars to

Include in email the following details and particulars:

1) Name as in NRIC

2) NRIC Number

3) Address of Residence

4) Date of Birth

5) Age at point of application

6) Occupation

7) Company Name

8) Contact number

9) Email Address

10) Number of Children Under 3 years old

11) Age and Name of children

12) Short Introduction about yourself and your child/children

* please ensure that all above mentioned details and particulars are accurate and included. Any application with missing information will be considered void.

"a women is weak, but a mother is strong."

“women is weak, but a mother is strong.”

The Inspiration Behind REACH OUT by Charles

You never know what life can throw at you and sometimes, its a baby. A baby is a precious gift yet it can also be a very trying time if it comes when you are not prepared or ready for it. Some women (or even men) could find themselves saddled with the huge responsibility of raising a baby alone due to various unexpected reasons. It may not sound scary but it is an adventure that will be filled with many moments of terrifying uncertainty, silent cries for help and tears of helplessness and worries. However, there is a saying that goes like this,

” women is weak, but a mother is strong”

and that must be true. I have had met many many strong mothers out there who have braved storms, determined to give their precious little bundle, a life that they deserve. And in such situations, these women usually sacrifice their own happiness in exchange for that of her child. Let us reach out and help the single parents in Singapore on their journey and fill it with a little more warmth and love to show them that they are not alone, and this journey they are embarking on, can be beautiful and worth it!



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