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Recently, i did the Titan 365 Home Disinfection on the whole interior of my house. To protect my family and myself from the ever horrifying viruses and germs everywhere!

With the prevalent outbreaks of common childhood diseases such as Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) nowadays, one of the BIGGEST FEARS that strike all parents is the spread of these unwanted bacteria and germs when children go to school and they unknowingly bring the bacteria and germs back into your home. What’s even worse is when we also have another newborn at home! The germs and bacteria that are brought back will contaminate our home environment and cause our baby or younger children to fall sick.

As parents, the last thing we want to see is our precious little ones falling sick because it not only breaks our hearts, it creates a very sticky situation for us and our spouse to deal with. Imagine the INCONVENIENCE it brings because we have to reshuffle commitments at work or arrange for other family members to help take care of our children. We would also waste a lot of time waiting endlessly for our baby or child to be treated at the pediatrician.

Common cleaning methods NO LONGER SUFFICE as an effective line of defense against bacteria and virus contamination in our home. This increases the risk of our home becoming a DANGER ZONE for our baby and/or children’s health and well-being.

Above all that, the reason why im only getting my house done now is because this service was UNAVAILABLE until recently. This technology was used across preschools, nurseries and hospital to maintain a high level of hygiene and was only made available as s service rendered business to business. ): It wasnt until very recently that the company Sureclean decided to provide this amazing service to consumers as well. Why? Because too many parents wrote in to bug them.

Since i had mine done, let me share the whole process with you.

It was painless, efficient and i really liked that it requires zero cleaning up after!

Titan365 Home Disinfecting Service

Titan365 Home Disinfecting Service

Adrian (guy in charge) comes with his partner, the specialist (guy you see in my pictures), on the day of the appointment and the first thing they do, is assess your entire house. After doing so, they would let you know how much time they need to get your house done. For my house (4 bedroom HDB executive), they did the whole house in 2 hours with some time to spare as i was asking them a ton of questions. Once the house has been assessed, you will have to evacuate the house leaving only 1 adult behind to oversee the process. You can do whatever you want. Go for lunch, watch a movie, bring the kids out for a playdate.. you get the drift..

When the spraying process begins, its quite fascinating. You dont have to move ANYTHING. This amazing coating is friendly to any surface except your mirrors (usually they just dont spray your mirrors)! So that means, NO MOVING FURNITURES or anything. Just let them spray everything. The special molecules of the coating will adhere to any surface, so you just need to spray it on an object and the whole object will be covered!! Of course its colourless and odorless so you cant see or smell anything but you know, my crazy germaphobic brain can feel that im being protected already just by watching them spray! 😀

After the spraying is done (they usually do room by room), you will need to allow the coating to dry and set in which takes about 30mins. ANDDDD TADAHHHH!! Your house is now protected!! How cool and painless is that? I was there through the whole process and after they spray, i went to touch everything once the coating set and my things felt like normal. No oily residue or weird odor in my rooms. Everything was as is, but somehow much fresher. I will tell you why fresher!

This coating works even better under sunlight, as when sunlight hits it, it’s self-disinfecting attribute is even more effective! What is self-disinfecting? Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) has a unique photocatalytic property that eliminates up to  99.99% of virus, bacteria, mould and fungus when exposed to light, giving your home maximum protection 365 days all year round. It’s like sunning your things under the sun to get rid of bacteria, but even works indoors with the lights at home.

The combination of TiO2 with nanotechnology creates a self-cleaning coating that can vastly improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and overall hygiene levels.

It also has a deodorizing effect that keeps your home smelling nice and fresh.

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You can also add on the optional service they provide which is an ATP test for your home. The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. In noob term, how much disgusting bacteria is growing on and in our homes. EEEWWWW. They have a chart that tells you the “score” which can range anything from a ZERO to 1000 (and above)!

ATP Test Hygiene Level Indicators
Sure Clean 0 – 10
Very Clean 11 – 30
Good Clean 31 – 80
Somewhat Dirty 81 – 200
Dirty 201 – 500
Very Dirty 501 – 1000
Filthy 1000 – and above

My place rated an average of 100+ to 300+. That is with my maid doing cleaning EVERY SINGLE DAY and twice for each toy. Still so dirty. ): After the process was done, coating set in, my house tested below 10. Adrian has agreed to come back in a month to do another ATP test and see how my house will rate after a month of the TITAN365 HOME DISINFECTION SERVICE! 😀 supppperr excited.

* Each ATP test is an extra $10.





To get your home protected with Titan365 disinfection and coating service, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Book your preferred day/timing for a Titan365 hygiene specialist to your home.

Step 2: Upon confirmation from our service crew, your dedicated Titan365 hygiene specialist will make a visit to your home to access the areas for coating.

Step 3: Give your Titan365 hygiene specialist approximately 1-2 hours (duration varies according to size of home) to disinfect and coat your home surfaces. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy some bonding time outside!

Step 4: It takes about 1 hour for the coating to settle and after you come back home from your family outing, your home is now totally Titan365 protected!

To find out more, please visit http://www.titan365.com.sg/

And if like me, you are interested to know what are the effective products used in preschools and nurseries, do visit http://www.sureclean.com.sg/products/ because thats where you can buy most of the trusted products businesses use to disinfect their premises and keep it safe for MANY MANY MANY children.

The germaphobe in me is super satisfied and happy. Why? Because after this, i know i have my kids protected from harmful pathogens AND have done my best in reducing the chances of them passing anything to each other since im about to enroll Charles into chinese enrichment classes once a week. 😀


There is a special discount for MLBB readers with the coupon code MLBB25. MLBB readers who navigate to their landing page www.titan365.com.sg and fill in the enquiry form can input MLBB25 in the coupon code field to enjoy a 25% discount off their first Titan365 Home Disinfection Service! To top that off, they will also be giving 1 bottle of GermClean Surface Disinfectant 500ml and 1 bottle of SaniHands Child-safe Alcohol-free Foamy Hand Sanitizer 60ml to those who sign up and pay for the Titan365 Home Disinfection Service. *The coupon code will expire after 31 Dec 2015.



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