Review: Beffy’s Diaper

Kayla in Beffy's Diaper

Kayla in Beffy’s Diaper

I have recently decided to try Beffy’s diapers as it was being highly recommended.
Kayla usually wears Mamy poko L tape diapers at home and huggies pants L diapers when we head out but both were getting a little small especially the huggies pants.
Over the weekends when we visit my mother, she has a pack of drypers pants in L size there which my mum bought for her and that was also getting way too small.
So I thought I should move on to the next size XL.
However, Beffy’s is generous in their sizing. Their XL is way too big for Kayla.

XL is too big for Kayla

XL is too big for Kayla

I will have to wait awhile more before letting her use it again but I would commend that the diaper is indeed very soft and well made. No scratchy bands and its expandable. So I feel that after a full meal, it would make the necessary adjustment and not squeeze her tummy.

Stretchy 360 waistband which is good!

Stretchy 360 waistband which is good!

It has a urine indicator which I like so I don’t have to keep pressing her diapers to see how full they are. It holds well, did not have to change her for 8hours.
So mummies with toddlers on the bigger size and looking for a good diaper with generous sizing, your answer is Beffy’s.

Product reviewed by Victoria from the MLBB review panel. (:

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